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Compact Advanced Tripod

Black Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod

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Stable and secure

A foldable three-way head provides more seamless shooting thanks to two independent levers. One lever is dedicated to the pan and tilt movement while the other controls levelling.

The high performance tripod has reinforced five-section leg tubes to provide optimum stability with a maximum extension height of 1.65 cm.

Carry with your camera

The tripod head had been designed to minimise size and maximise portability. The unique design allows you to fold down the levers to make it more compact for transportation.

Made from aluminium, this light and compact tripod neatly fits into carry-on luggage or a backpack. Concentrate on getting creative, rather than being weighed down and burdened.

The Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod can be collapsed down to an incredible 44 cm length. Its original folding mechanism allows the legs to perfectly fold around the head and quick release plate.

Use the included shoulder bag to stop the tripod from being damaged and for easy carrying and packing.

This Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod is ideal if you're a photographer who's constantly travelling, moving or who just enjoys working outdoors.