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Element Traveller MKELES5RD-BH Tripod

Red MANFROTTO Element Traveller MKELES5RD-BH Tripod

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Top features:

- Lightweight tripod that is easy to transport for shots on-the-go

- Versatile compatibility with a range of camera types

- Bag and spikes included so you can keep your tripod protected and stable

Lightweight tripod

An ideal choice for photographers looking for a portable tripod solution, the Manfrotto Element Traveller MKELES5RD-BH Tripod is a lightweight 1.15 kg.

It reduces down to just 32 cm so can easily be stored in backpacks or carry bags and extended when in use.

Versatile compatibility

Designed primarily for compact system cameras, the tripod is also suitable for DSLRs, compacts and camcorders.

Its ball-head mounts a ¼” screw and quick-release plate so you can easily attach your camera and rotate through 360°.

Bag and spikes

The tripod comes with a customised bag for storage and transportation, as well as leg spikes so you can get a solid footing on rough ground.