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El Grande Extension Pole - Black

Black GOPRO El Grande Extension Pole - Black

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Top features:

- Capture new perspectives with your GoPro camera

- Collapsible and compact for on-the-go use

- Oversized grip so you can use two hands

- Twist lock design for quick and easy use

Capture new perspectives

Compatible with all GoPro models, the GoPro El Grande Extension Pole lets you capture new perspectives with your camera, getting you closer to the action.

Capture more authentic shots with the extension pole. It's also waterproof so you can take it anywhere your adrenaline is ready to take you.

Collapsible and compact

If you love to travel with your GoPro then the El Grande Extension Pole is ideal for on-the-go use. Easily collapsible, you can put the extension pole in your backpack and get it out when you need it. Just a few easy steps and you can be filming your adventures in little to no time.

Oversized grip

With a deliberate oversized grip, you can use the GoPro El Grande with two hands for added protection and a better overall experience.

Twist lock design

The twist lock design is quick and easy to use and setup plus its durable which means your Extension Pole will last for a long period of time, meaning more fun and adventures without having to replace.