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MAX 360 Action Camera - Black

Black GOPRO MAX 360 Action Camera - Black

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The world in 360

Bring your followers along for the ride. The GoPro MAX gives you the option of shooting traditional HERO-style videos and photos or immersive 360° footage.

The camera takes care of the tricky stitching, so your footage is ready to offload and edit in the GoPro app.


However bumpy your ride, image stabilisation makes your video look smooth. And in HERO mode, horizon levelling gives you that smooth, cinematic look whether you're flipping through the air or getting knocked by waves.

PowerPano mode

Take flawless 270° panoramic photos without scanning the horizon. It makes for epic motion shots and selfies too.


Not only are your timelapse videos smooth, the MAX 360 can automatically adjust the speed based on speed, scene, and lighting, so you can slow it right down for those interesting moments.