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Thunderbolt USB Type-C lti Hub

Space Grey HyperDrive Thunderbolt USB Type-C lti Hub

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Top features:

- Turn two Thunderbolt ports into 7 ports including HDMI and microSD

- Compact & stylish multi-port hub for your MacBook Pro

Turn two USB ports into 7

Transform the two USB-C ports on your MacBook Pro into 7 different connectors with the HyperDrive Thunderbolt USB Type-C Multi Hub. Supporting HDMI, SD, microSD and USB 3.1, you'll have a varied selection of ports to connect numerous devices. With very fast transfers rates too, this is an essential accessory for your Mac or MacBook Pro.

Compact & stylish

This clever accessory looks great with a space grey aluminium finish, and fits right into your MacBook without getting in the way.