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Surface Arc BlueTrack Touch Mouse

Red MICROSOFT Surface Arc BlueTrack Touch Mouse

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Top features:

- Ultra-slim and lightweight so you can travel easily

- Audible snap to indicate power on to start using your mouse

- Intuitive interaction for easy and precise use

- Beautifully crafted design to fit in with any environment

Ultra-slim and lightweight

The Microsoft Surface Arc BlueTrack Touch Mouse is an ultra-slim and lightweight wireless mouse. An ideal companion for a Microsoft Surface or any other laptop or tablet with Bluetooth.

Audible snap

For easy set-up, the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse features an audible, satisfying snap. Simply snap the mouse into its curved position to power up. When you want to power down the mouse, you snap it again and it will flatten.

Intuitive interactions

To ensure you're getting the most out of your Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse, you can scroll both vertically and horizontally for simple and intuitive interactions. You can enjoy precise tracking with optimised left and right clicks for the familiarity of other mice as well.

Beautifully crafted

Designed to fit with any environment, the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse has a smooth, unobtrusive design that's easy on the eyes and fits beautifully within your workspace.