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M590 Wireless Optical Silent Mouse

Black LOGITECH M590 Wireless Optical Silent Mouse

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Top features:

- Control multiple computers seamlessly

- Efficient technology for efficient users

Control multiple computers

Control two computers with one mouse. The Logitech M590 Wireless Optical Silent Mouse can navigate easily between two different computers as though they were one, allowing you to copy and paste from your PC to your Macbook with ease. There's no more messing around with sending emails to yourself.

Using either the 2.4 GHz unifying receiver plugged into a USB port or Bluetooth technology, you can create reliable wireless connections between the mouse and your devices.

Efficient technology

For maximum efficiency, the clicks are silent and the scroll is fast. All five buttons are programmable, including the handy thumb buttons, and the two year battery life means you can work or play wirelessly without hassle.