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Pixelbook Pen

Silver Google Pixelbook Pen

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Top features:

- Works with Google Assistant to help you with tasks

- Write, draw and design with confidence

- Compatible with a range of apps so that you can do more

Works with Google Assistant

The Google Pixelbook Pen works with Google Assistant, helping you to get answers and complete tasks with ease. Simply press and hold the pen's button, then circle the relevant images or text on your Google Pixelbook (sold separately).

Write, draw and design

Featuring pressure sensitivity, tilt support, and almost no lag, you can use the Pixelbook Pen as though you were using paper. Whether you're writing, drawing or designing, you'll be able to enjoy natural and comfortable control.

Compatible with a range of apps

From capturing quick notes to building your creative vision, you'll find a range of apps that work with the Pixelbook Pen.