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Charger UK Duo USB

Black MU Charger UK Duo USB

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Double the power of the Mu Classic, double the ports. The Mu Duo is the answer to charging multiple devices on the go.

With a fixed split of 1.2Amp per port, the Mu Duo is ideal for:

• All smartphones

• MP3 players

• Tablets as a top-up or slow charge

• Most small USB-charged devices

For high-quality performance, the Mu Duo has an embedded auto-detect chip enabling the Mu to identify the device being connected and, in turn, deliver device-optimum charge.

As part of the range, the Mu Duo utilises Made in Mind's innovative and patented PVT technology that allows a standard UK plug to be reduced by over 70% in size.

Overall Product Dimensions: L 55mm, B 72mm H 14mm.