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NEW GoPro Hero

Black GoPro Hero

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Top features:

- Check your framing with the 2” touchscreen

- Durable & waterproof design for any adventure

- Go handsfree with voice commands

- QuikStories automatically edit your footage

Check your framing

No more aligning your shot using your phone. Check your composition on-camera thanks to the GoPro HERO Action Camera's 2” touchscreen, which lets you quickly switch between Live View and playback.

Durable & waterproof

Thrillseekers rejoice. The GoPro HERO is designed for the outdoors. Waterproof down to 10 m and with a tough build, you'll be able to hit the slopes, surf the waves, hike the trail, and film anywhere your adventures take you.

Go handsfree

You don't want to press pause on your real-life adventure. Helpfully, you can use voice commands like “GoPro, start recording” and “GoPro, take a photo”, so you don't need to pull over and play with buttons.


You don't need to wait to get home and load up the editing suite to start sharing. Simply connect the HERO to your smartphone and transfer your shots over WiFi or Bluetooth.

QuikStories automatically makes a beautifully edited video from your footage, complete with music and effects, ready for you to upload to your followers.