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Zoemini C Instant Camera - Yellow

Yellow Canon Zoemini C Instant Camera - Yellow

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Capture a moment forever

Take fun photos to share and enjoy instantly with the Canon Zoemini C Instant Camera. Simply point, shoot, and your photo will be printed straight from the camera - capture spontaneous moments in a way that's special and unique.

Pop in a memory card and you'll be able to save photos for uploading to your PC later on - great if you want to share some of your best snaps on socials too.

Lightweight and compact

Pocket sized, light and stylish, the Zoemini C is the perfect companion for your days out and nights on the town. It will fit snugly into even the smallest handbag, so it won't ever be a mission to take it with you. Featuring a mounted front mirror, you can take great selfies too, and see exactly what your camera will print - no more dodgy angles or people cut in half.

ZINK paper

There's space for 10 sheets of sticky-backed ZINK paper, which is fantastic for customising your stuff from the fridge door to the back of your mobile case. They make great presents too! The photos are smudge-proof, tear-proof and water resistant, so if a drink gets spilt they'll wipe clean and still look flawless.

When you run out, you can stock up on more Canon Zoe Mini paper, which is compatible with your camera and the Zoe Mini Printer too.