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L-Series EF 1.4x III Lens Extender

Canon L-Series EF 1.4x III Lens Extender

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Add the Canon L-Series EF 1.4x III Lens Extender to your L-Series lens to increase your focal length without sacrificing image quality.

Specially designed to work with L-Series IS super-telephoto lenses with EOS bodies, the Extender EF 1.4x III increases your focal length by 40%, making it easier to catch far-away action.

Only sacrificing one stop of effective aperture, the Lens Extender is a cheaper and easier way to get more out of your existing lenses without having to expand your lens collection.

An internal microprocessor accurately transfers the data between lens and camera for seamless autofocus and light metering so you don't delay or miss a golden photo opportunity.

Constructed of nine elements in five groups, the Lens Extender is lined with anti-reflection material and coated to reduce flaring for a truer image and clearer results.

Compatible with their range of professional quality L-series lenses, the Canon L-Series EF 1.4x III Lens Extender is a cost effective and efficient way to boost and transforms your existing telephoto and telephoto zoom lenses.