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Brown Goji COLLECTION GTCINBN16 Headphones

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Top features:

- Sealed in-ear design reduces external noise

- Minimised vibration and distortion for clear sound

- Built-in microphone lets you answer calls on the move

Sealed in-ear design

The GTCINBN16 Headphones have an in-ear design which helps to reduce noise around you, blocking out unwanted distractions. Enjoy a better listening experience and immerse yourself in your favourite music.

To ensure maximum comfort, there are three different silicone ear buds to choose from in small, medium and large. This means that you can find the ideal size to suit your ears for comfortable, secure listening.

Minimised vibration

You can enjoy clear audio whatever you're doing as the GTCINBN16 reduces vibration and sound distortion. With the added benefit of the headphones being sweat resistant, you can listen to music in comfort whenever you choose.

Built-in microphone

Thanks to a built-in microphone you can answer phone calls without having to remove the headphones. There is also a remote control, allowing you to control the music on your device.

Compatible with all iPhones and some Android phones, the GTCINBN16 allow you to enjoy your music whilst still easily operating your smartphone.