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Elite Sport 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Black JABRA Elite Sport 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Top features:

- Designed for sports so that you can perform to your maximum

- Sweat and water resistant for top quality sound even when you are most active

- Recharge on the go to get up to 13.5 hours battery life

- Secure, cord-free fit that gives you complete freedom of movement

- Compatible with all smartphones so you can switch between devices

Designed for sports

Featuring an in-ear heart rate monitor and integrated app to test and analyse your fitness, the premium Elite Sport 2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones offer in-ear audio coaching to keep you motivated and pushing your performance limit.

Improving on the original Elite Sport, the advanced personalised fitness analysis advises on recovery and predicts your race pace. With real time guidance, you can reach your peak for every workout.

Sweat and water resistant

Workout with complete confidence that sweating will not compromise your sound. The Jabra Elite Sport 2 Earphones are designed to handle high-energy workout sessions and come with a three-year warranty (registration required) against failure from sweat.

Recharge on the go

Along with the 4.5 hours of battery on your charged device, the Elite Sport 2 come with an on-the-go charging case offering two additional charges of 4.5 hours, meaning you never lose power.

Secure cord-free fit

The Jabra Bluetooth Earphones are cord-free, comfortable and secure, giving you complete freedom of movement in all your activities. You can choose to wear one or both of the earbuds, while double-tapping the right one lets you hear external sounds without having to remove the earbud.

Compatible with all smartphones

These earphones are compatible with all smartphones so that you can enjoy quality wireless sound and calls on all your devices.