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HA-S60BT-B-E Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Black JVC HA-S60BT-B-E Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Top features:

- Wireless headphones for cable-free listening

- Different audio modes for different types of music

- 17 hour battery life so you can listen all day

Wireless headphones

Listen to all your favourite songs without cables getting in the way with the JVC HA-S60BT-B-E Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Sync up any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your smartphone or tablet with the headphones and in moments you'll have access to all your albums, playlists, and songs.

Different audio modes

Different sounds call for different settings - the JVC HA-S60BT-B-E has three different audio modes to suit what you're listening to. If you're getting in the mood to go out switch on to Bass mode and put on some club bangers. Concentrating at work with some inspiring classical music? Clear mode has the whole orchestra sounding sublime. If you're just unwinding with a podcast and don't need any enhancements, keep it set to Normal mode

17 hours battery life

With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 17 hours, you've got more than enough power to listen for the whole day. And if you do find you're running out of battery, the headphones come with an detachable cable so you can connect to your device and keep on listening. When they're not in use their fold flat design means you can easily carry them around in a bag or jacket pocket.