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MDREX450 In-Ear Headphones

Black SONY MDREX450 In-Ear Headphones

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Crystal-clear audio with a 12mm driver unit

Hear all your songs in crisp, clear sound when you’re out and about

Soaring vocals with less distortion

A 103dB/mW sensitivity and a wide frequency range of 5-25,000Hz help deliver accurate high and low notes whatever the volume

Make or take a call with your Android smartphone

Chat to your friends over the phone, your voice will come across crisp and clear thanks to a built-in mic 2

Hear resonant acoustics with a closed design

Tightly sealed earphones reflect your music back towards your ears for resounding audio

Less tangles, more flexibility

The 1.2 metre cord is designed to resist snags and tangles, keeping your headphones knot-free

Style on the move

The compact design allows for discreet, elegant headphones so you can look good anywhere

Get the perfect fit

You get four sizes of soft silicone earbuds (SS, S, M and L) for maximum comfort

Find the best length for you with a cord adjuster

Easily change the amount of excess cord you have so it doesn’t get in the way