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Recon 70P 2.1 Gaming Headset - Black

Silver TURTLE BEACH Recon 70P 2.1 Gaming Headset - Black

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Hear every detail of your favourite games

What's your game of choice? Frantic FPS? Beautiful RPG? Whatever your favourite titles might be, the Turtle Beach Recon 70P 2.1 Gaming Headset makes sure you can ensure every detail of the game's audio. The over-ear speakers keep you fully engaged in the action, so you'll hear every sweeping note of the soundtrack and every gunshot as you cross the battlefield.

Flip up mic to easily mute your voice

It's important to make yourself heard. The Recon 70 has a microphone designed to pick up your voice clearly, so that your team mates hear your every command. When you need to focus, simply flip the mic up to automatically mute it.

Play in comfort, even during those marathon gaming sessions

Sometimes we lose track of time while gaming, and your headset shouldn't distract you from the action. With its lightweight design and comfortable ear cushions, the TurtleBeach Recon 70 Headset is designed to withstand even the longest gaming sessions.