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Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses - Black

Black BOSE Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses - Black

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Sunshine, music, happy times

Introducing the Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses. They're a bit different from your average pair of sunnies – they play music – but they look just as cool.

With miniature speakers directing sound towards you and away from everyone else, they create a ‘bubble' of sound only you'll be able to hear. So, you're free to listen to your guilty pop pleasure (we won't judge).

Because there's nothing covering your ears, you'll be more engaged in the world around you – carry on with your conversation without pressing pause.

Stylish & practical

With a classic angular design, the Alto goes with any outfit. The sound tech has been discreetly hidden, so no one will be any the wiser.

The Bose Frames have a sensible side too. Designed for every day, they're scratch resistant, have durable metal hinges, and block UVA/UBA rays.

They can handle the odd splash of water too, making them the perfect poolside companion (just remember not to jump in the pool with them!).

Complete control

Unlock all the features the Frames have to offer with the Bose Connect app. It makes it easy to get setup, personalise your settings, and get tips.

No need to reach for your phone when listening - one button does it all. Control your music, pick up calls, and trigger your voice assistant with some simple taps.