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EXTRA BASS WH-XB700 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black

Black SONY EXTRA BASS WH-XB700 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black

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Wireless listening

Ditch the cables and get into the groove with Sony EXTRA BASS WH-XB700 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Just tap them with your smartphone to setup and hit the play button on that workout playlist or relaxing podcast.

You can leave the charger at home, too. These headphones last up to 30 hours, so you can get through your entire library on a single charge. And there's still a wired connection to keep your old MP3 player from feeling left out.

Hands-free calling

No need to dig your phone out of your pocket to answer a call. The handy controls on the earcup will take care of it. Adjust the volume, skip to the next track or pause your tune, all from your Sony WHXB700 Headphones.

You can even find out the latest news headlines or travel info just by asking. Just hold the main button to wake up your phone's voice assistant. Easy.


Feel the thump of the kick drum and the rumble of moody basslines. Sony XB700 Headphones feature enhanced bass, making your dance music collection sound deeper and richer without drowning out the vocals.