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WI-C310L Wireless Bluetooth Earphones - Blue

Blue SONY WI-C310L Wireless Bluetooth Earphones - Blue

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No more tangled wires - the Sony WI-C310N Wireless Bluetooth Earphones have a flat cable that won't get caught in knots. Plus, the earbuds are magnetic, so they stay together when not in use.

Get directions, change the song, set a reminder, and much more. The Sony WI C310N headphones are compatible with Google Assistant, so you can get things done on-the-go without ever needing to break your flow.

You get up to 15 hours of battery life from a single charge - that's almost two whole work days with no need to break to to recharge. In a rush? Charge for just 10 minutes to get an hours' worth of playback and you won't be without your tunes on your commute.