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MDR-EX110APW Headphones

White SONY MDR-EX110APW Headphones

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The Sony MDR-EX110APW Headphones in white output exceptional bass tones in a comfortable design that's great for controlling your smartphone.

Uncompromised clarity

Experience deep, satisfying bass tones thanks to a high density acoustic resistor, which is effective at all volume levels. This audio-enhancing technology enriches your favourite songs and albums whilst supporting supremely clear high frequencies that bring every detail to your ears.

You're assured of thoroughly engrossing audio with MDR-EX110APW Headphones.

Smart controls on your headphones

You won't miss any more calls thanks to the inclusion of an in-line button for taking and ending calls, which is compatible with most smartphones. Use the built-in mic on the cable to enjoy clear, personal conversations.

Sony MDR-EX110APW Headphones also include a handy in-line remote control for easily changing, playing and pausing tracks while you're on the go.

Be kind to your ears

A selection of small, medium and large ear buds has been included to ensure that the headphones are comfortable for most ear sizes. They'll keep you comfortable for hours of listening on end, and provide a snug fit that locks in all that audio goodness.

Enjoy fewer knots and tangles thanks to a silicone rubber casing that allows you to get on with enjoying you music and taking phone calls, rather than spending your time untying jumbled cords.

Treat your ears to premier audio quality with a pair of white Sony MDR-EX110APW Headphones.