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15 7000 15.6"

Black Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop

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Top features:

- Extra-stable performance with thermal cooling

- Backlit keyboard helps you play and work with precision, even in the dark

- Easy upgrades with a huge service bay door

- Upgrade your memory up to 32 GB for super-fast computing

- Games look beautiful on a crisp Full HD screen

The Dell Inspiron 15 15.6" Gaming Laptop is part of our Gaming range, which features the most powerful PCs available today. It has superior graphics and processing performance to suit the most demanding gamer.

Extra-stable performance

When you're playing for long periods, you need your computer to stay cool. The Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop uses a thermal cooling design so the processor and graphics card can perform at their peak without creating hot areas. Heat is directed away from components and you via cleverly-positioned cooling vents and big dual cooling fans. The laptop runs quietly and you can stay cool while you concentrate on your gameplay.

Backlit keyboard

Find the right commands even if you're playing in the dark. The Inspiron 15 has a backlit keyboard so you can easily find the button you need. WASD keys make playing games more intuitive, and you can play and work more smoothly and quickly.

Easy upgrades

Build your laptop into a formidable portable gaming rig. It's got a big service bay door so you can easily add upgrade components as you please.

Upgrade your memory

Need your PC to run faster and better? Add more RAM. Your Dell Inspiron 15 includes 16 GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 32 GB DDR4 if you want – ideal for serious gamers and people who do a lot of multimedia work.

Full HD screen

Graphics look crisp and move fluidly on a Full HD LED screen – just what you need for hi-def gaming. An anti-glare coating helps you play in most lighting conditions, so you can stay entertained and make progress even when you're away from home.