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Galaxy A40 - 64 GB, Black

Black SAMSUNG Galaxy A40 - 64 GB, Black

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Infinity-U display

The Samsung A40's Infinity-U AMOLED display looks great. The screen spans the whole phone, edge-to edge, so you get the most out of whatever you're looking at. With FHD+ quality, it's perfect for watching your favourite content on the train home, or just scrolling through your socials, replying to emails or sending videos to your group chats.

Dual camera, great photos

The A40 has two cameras so you can take all sorts of photos. There's the main camera for portraits and action shots, and an ultra-wide camera for sweeping holiday panoramas, or the entire table's brunch.

And with a 25 MP camera on the front too, your selfie game just levelled up.

Google Assistant and Bixby voice control

With Google Assistant and Bixb helping out, you'll have all the info you need to get through the day. Just use your voice to ask for weather updates, your calendar, or even directions and the A40 will do the rest.

Big battery

Don't you just hate it when your phone runs out of battery halfway through the day? Well the A40's battery lasts up to 23 hours – more than enough for the whole day.