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Galaxy A80 - 128 GB, Black

Black SAMSUNG Galaxy A80 - 128 GB, Black

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An expansive display with Infinity U

Take your on-the-go viewing soaring to new heights with the Samsung Galaxy A80.

The screen covers the entire front face of the phone - yes, completely edge-to-edge, so your content from Netflix to socials will be completely uninterrupted. That screen happens to be Full HD+, and features AMOLED technology, which makes it perfect for higher definition viewing - you'll never want to wait to watch on your TV instead again.

Two side shooting, one amazing camera

The camera on the front of the phone is never as high spec as the camera on the rear - surely you want the exact same quality for your selfies as you do for your beach vistas?

The rotating camera on the Galaxy A80 will change your selfie game forever. Capture what's going on in front of you, and when it's time to take a selfie, the camera rotates in the device in an instant - so you'll never have to take a selfie with a camera of secondary quality.

With 4K Ultra HD recording, all your videos will look stunning and worthy of instant uploading, with no need to edit first. Thanks to the 3D Depth Camera you can also blur out backgrounds to make your subject really stand out.

Super fast charging

All our favourite apps these days are a huge battery drain, so you need a Smartphone with the power to plough through. With a huge battery life, you'll be able to get more use out of your handset between charges, and when it is time to refuel, the 25W superfast charging will get you back to 100% and ready to go in less time than ever.