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64GB Black APPLE TV (2015) - 64 GB

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Explore smart TV and enjoy all of your digital content in Full HD with the Apple TV.

Siri Remote

The latest version of Apple TV features the Siri Remote, which makes it simple to find content you'll love. Simply press the Siri button on the remote and say what you want to watch; be it a specific film, series, genre, or actor. Siri even searches certain apps, so if you're looking for a specific programme that's available to watch in Netflix, you'll find it without having to open the app.

If you'd rather browse, the new glass Touch surface on the Siri remote gives you intuitive and fluid control over menus and options without the need to look at the remote or hunt for buttons.

However you choose to navigate, it's easy to find something new.

TV on demand

Apple TV is full of media to keep you entertained, including Netflix, iTunes, Sky News and BBC iPlayer. iTunes has a comprehensive list of news films which are available on the day they're released on DVD, and TV shows available the day after they air.

Games and more

Along with huge amounts of film and TV waiting to be streamed, Apple TV is packed full of games and apps. From platform games such as Rayman Adventures to the motion-controlled space adventure Manticore Rising, you can immersive gaming straight on you TV.

The list of apps and games is constantly expanding, so whatever you're looking for, you can find it on the dedicated Apple TV app store.

Discover a world on online entertainment with the Apple TV.