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Hue White Wireless Bulb - B22

White PHILIPS Hue White Wireless Bulb - B22

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The Philips Hue White Wireless Bulb features a standard B22 Bayonet light fitting for easy installation and is the ideal replacement or addition to your Hue home lighting set-up.

Philips Hue and Friends of Hue lighting ranges offer a convenient way to instantly create the perfect mood in your home. The Friends of Hue range is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings range and Apple HomeKit.

Hue lights, LED strips and bulbs are controlled via the free Hue app, which gives you freedom to turn them on and off, adjust brightness and change colour via your smartphone and tablet.

You can control up to 50 lights at once from the app, and even set automated programs to turn the lights on and off at times to suit you - perfect for coming home to a well-lit house in the winter or as burglary deterrent when you're away.

From clear, bright lighting to a warm, soft glow, add some ambience to your home with the Philips Hue White Wireless Bulb.


This bulb requires the Philips Hue Bridge (sold separately) and is compatible with Samsung SmartThings