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Hue Wellness Table Lamp

Hue Wellness Table Lamp

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Top features:

- Set the right ambience with a range of white light tones

- Relax, improve concentration and wake up right with customisable lighting

- Easy wireless remote control from anywhere using your smart device

- Set lighting schedules to control your lights how you want to

Set the right ambience

Choose between tones ranging from warm white to cool bright daylight. The Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp lets you set the right ambience with any shade of white light. Create an energised feel with daylight tones or a relaxing evening feel with warm lighting.

Ensure your room isn't too dim or bright with smooth wireless dimming – you'll always have the right feel, and you won't need wires, an electrician or installation.

Relax, improve concentration and wake up right

You might be up working on a project or studying. Maybe you want to create a cheery feel for guests. Or you could simply need to unwind after work. Lighting has a real effect on mood, behaviour, alertness and routines.

Improve how your home feels with the Philips Hue app – it lets you customise your lighting to suit routines and moments. Wake up gently with gradually increasing light intensity rather than a buzzing alarm.

Easy wireless remote control

Adjust the level of your Philips Hue Wellness Lamp easily with its battery-powered dimmer switch. Choose between four different light scenes with the on button and position the switch wherever's convenient.

Even if you're away from the house, you can control your lights with a smartphone or tablet. Check whether you switched them off, turn them on before you go home and create the right mood to arrive to. Set the lamp to welcome you back or turn off automatically as you leave.

Set lighting schedules

If you're out but want to create the impression someone's in, use the Hue app to schedule a time for your lamp to come on. If you've got one in each room (each sold separately), they can be set to turn on at different times. Save power while staying relaxed – the lamp can be set to turn off gradually at night.

Connect the lamp to your other Philips Hue lights using the Bridge (each sold separately) and enjoy the wide range of possibilities for customising your home lighting. You can set timers, notifications, alarms and more.

Please note: A compatible hub (sold separately) is required to connect your smart home device.