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Sport Bluetooth Tracker

Black Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker

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Top features:

- Easier than ever to find your belongings with a 200 ft range

- Find your phone, even if it's on silent

- Help finding anything you've lost using the app and the Tile community

Easier than ever to find your belongings

Make sure you can keep track of your belongings with the Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker, a small and discreet gadget that uses Bluetooth to locate anything you attach it to.

The Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker has a 200 ft range, which is twice that of standard Tile trackers, and can be attached to almost any object that you want to keep track of.

Find your phone

Lost your smartphone? Double tap the Tile button to ring it loudly, even when it's on silent mode.

With a sealed, water-resistant case, the Tile can also stand up to the rigours and stresses of daily life. The battery is sealed away from children and pets and the Tile can't be disabled if it falls into the wrong hands.

Help finding anything

If you're not completely sure where you lost something, the Tile app will show you on a map where the item's last known location is. The Tile Sport is also compatible with Land Rover's InControl system, so you can find anything missing from your car.

The growing Tile community can help you find your missing item. When a Tile user approaches, the app notifies of the last-known location. With other users on the case you could find your important belongings in no time.