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Circle 2 Wired Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

White Circle 2 Wired Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

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Top features:

- Smart security camera for both indoor and outdoor use

- Monitor your home remotely with the Circle app for desktop and mobile

- Compatible with Amazon Alexa and easy to set up

Smart security camera

Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, the Logitech Circle 2 Wired Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera offers Full HD 1080p HD live surveillance. The camera's mounts and accessories allow you to place it essentially anywhere in and around your home. Windows, walls, desks – set it up wherever you need to.

Don't worry about it coping with the elements outside, it's weatherproof and can handle any situation – rain, snow, even heat. With night vision and visibility up to 4.5 metres, it's a great option for 24 hour personal security.

Monitor your home

With the Logitech Circle 2 you can monitor your home wherever you are via the Circle app for desktop, iOS and Android. The Smart Alerts system ensures you only get relevant updates. Stream and save unlimited video directly to your device. If you add Circle Safe Premium you'll also be able to detect specific motion zones and people.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Fit the Logitech Circle 2 Security Camera into your existing Smart Home set up and connect it to Amazon Alexa. It's easy to set up and all your footage is saved to secure cloud storage so you can go back and review recordings as you need to.