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Circle 2 Smart Home Security Camera

Black Circle 2 Smart Home Security Camera

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Top features

- Effective indoor and outdoor monitoring for peace of mind

- Night vision and weatherproof for continued surveillance

- 180° field-of-view so you never miss a thing

- Stream and download video footage from anywhere

Effective indoor and outdoor

Enjoy greater peace of mind with the Logitech Circle 2 Smart Home Security Camera.

Free of wires and quick to set up and mount anywhere inside and outside your house, this security camera is built to capture clear footage to help protect your property and loved ones.

Wherever you are, smart alerts keep you notified of moments that matter on your phone.

Night vision and weatherproof

In addition to capturing clear images in the dark, the Circle 2 continues to do its job in the rain, snow, heat or cold, giving you the security you need whether you're home or away.

180° field-of-view

Monitor your entire surroundings. The Circle 2 Security Camera lets you see the big picture with its ultra-wide 180 degree lens so you never miss a thing.

Stream and download video footage

Stay in the loop and keep an eye on your home from any device. Available on desktop, mobile and Android TV, the Circle 2's easy to use mobile and web apps let you stream and download unlimited amounts of 1080p HD video from anywhere effortlessly.