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Xbox One X

Black MICROSOFT Xbox One X

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Top features:

- Powerful gaming with six teraflops of graphics processing power

- 4K gaming and streaming for immersive visuals

- Advanced multiplayer network lets you game with others around the world

- Vapour Chamber keeps the console running beautifully

- Use all of your Xbox One games and accessories, enjoying an enhanced performance

Powerful gaming

The Microsoft Xbox One X offers 40% more power than any other console, powered by the impressive Scorpio Engine. With six teraflops of graphical processing power, you can experience games like never before. A 12 GB GDDR5 graphic memory maximises the game performance, while 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth ensures that you see every frame.

4K gaming and streaming

You can enjoy incredible, immersive 4K visuals to lose yourself in different gaming worlds. Light, shadow and reflections are enhanced with High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour Gamut, complemented by Spatial Audio which puts you at the centre of the action.

Play the latest 4K games such as Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky's Tale, Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves. Visuals are optimised to take advantage of the world's most powerful console to enhance your gaming experience.

Stream and record game clips in 4K at speeds of up to 60 fps, as well as streaming 4K video on services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

With the option to watch Blu-ray movies in 4K Ultra HD, the Xbox One X delivers all the entertainment options you need.

Advanced multiplayer network

Take on the world and become part of a community of gamers. Find friends and rivals from around the world with dedicated Xbox Live servers maximising the performance, resulting in stable, fast and reliable connections.

You can compete and connect with gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10, allowing you to share your gaming experiences across platforms.

With Xbox Live Gold, you can enjoy up to four free games each month.

Vapour Chamber

Representing an innovation in home consoles, the Xbox One X features a Vapour Chamber which uses high-grade liquid cooling to keep the Scorpio Engine running smoothly. A Centrifugal Fan pulls in air and compresses it rapidly to keep the console operating at its peak.

With its digital power delivery system, the console uses the Hovis Method to minimise power consumption for an efficient performance.

Use all of your Xbox One games and accessories

You can continue to enjoy your gaming collection as the console can play all of your favourite Xbox One titles, as well as over 300 Xbox 360 games.


Please note: To use your existing Xbox One Kinect Sensor with your new Xbox X, you'll need a Kinect Adapter.