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Capsule Pocket Cinema Smart Mini Projector

Black NEBULA Capsule Pocket Cinema Smart Mini Projector

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Top features:

- Compact shape with great quality 360 degree speakers

- Project wirelessly from your phone with Bluetooth, AirPlay & WiFi

- Long-lasting battery life is perfect for watching films and listening to music

Compact shape

Designed to be the size and shape of a fizzy drink can, the Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector is perfect for watching films, sharing photos and catching up on a friend's video wherever you are.

And because the Nebula Mini Projector has a unique design it includes a 360 degree speaker, which means it can double as a portable speaker. So when you're projecting a film everyone will hear clearly – no matter where they're sitting.

Project wirelessly from your phone

The Nebula Projector has an Android operating system, so you can download apps and view shows just like you do on your phone.

And don't forget that the Nebula has Bluetooth, Apple Airplay and WiFi connectivity so you can stream anything straight from your laptop, phone or tablet without needing a cable. Perfect for watching YouTube videos, projecting your mobile game or catching up on your favourite Netflix shows – all on a huge 100” screen.

Long-lasting battery life

When you're taking a projector out on a camping trip, into your garden, or on a day trip with friends, you don't want to worry about the battery running out. Which is why the Nebula Mars has up to four hours of battery when you're watching videos, and a huge 30 hours for non-stop music.

Don't forget your accessories

Get your Mini Projector set up in no time with a tripod, which is perfect for ensuring your projector is supported and sturdy throughout the film. And when you're screening outside, a power bank is ideal for staying powered up.