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Go - 64 GB

White OCULUS Go - 64 GB

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Top features:

- Standalone virtual reality headset doesn't require any additional hardware

- Surround sound audio built-in

- Crystal-clear lenses for great quality VR

- Comfortable design made from breathable fabrics

Standalone virtual reality headset

Jump into virtual reality without needing to connect to a thing. Oculus Go is the easiest way to explore VR - you don't need a gaming PC or console to get started. Simply switch the headset on and put it on. That's it. Then you're ready to play games where you really feel like the main character, watch your favourite Netflix shows on a huge 180” screen and explore new worlds in a stunning way.

With 64 GB of storage space you can save 7 HD films, 20 games and 40 apps.

Surround sound audio

Feel surrounded by audio that will make every game and experience that much better. The Oculus Go has speakers built into the headset, so you can immerse yourself in surround sound without getting tangled in cables. Prefer to wear headphones? The Go has a 3.5 mm jack, so you can easily plug in.

Crystal-clear lenses

Good VR depends on good lenses, which is why the Oculus Go has crystal-clear optics - so everything you see looks vivid and realistic. The lenses have a wide field of view, so you won't be distracted by the screen ending in your peripheral vision.

Wear glasses? The Oculus Go includes a unique spacer so you won't feel like your glasses are being pressed into your face.

Comfortable design

The days of being a sweaty mess after wearing a VR headset are gone. Made using breathable fabrics, the Oculus Go is light and comfortable to wear, with soft and adjustable straps that hold the headset securely in place, without bothering you.

Navigate around, jump back to the menu and draw your weapon easily – all with the included controller