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Top features
- Renowned Bang & Olufsen sound quality in a portable package
- Premium materials and splash-proof design make it ideal or travelling
- 10 hour battery life lets you listen for longer between charges
- Alarm clock, voice assistant, and motion control with the BEOPLAY app
B&O sound quality
You can take the signature rich B&O sound with you wherever you go with the BEOPLAY P2.
The compact chassis has two individually powered speakers to make sure you get deep bass, warm mids, and bright highs to make all your music sound its best.
Premium materials
The P2's smooth pebble-like body is made from aluminium and a high-tech polymer that make for a durable yet premium finish.
It's water and dust resistant too, so you can listen outside without worrying about the weather.
10 hour battery life
Once fully charged, the BEOPLAY P2 gives you a full day of listening before it needs to be plugged in.
When it does need a charge, it only take two hours to get to full capacity.
Along with playing music and making calls, you can use the BEOPLAY app to activate motion control, voice control, and Siri/Google Assistant functionality.
This allows you to speak at the P2 to change tracks, pause, or make calls.