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Blue SONY XB31

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Top features:

- For loud parties the powerful bass belts out tunes

- For long parties the long-life battery keeps going all night

- For bright parties the responsive lights create strobe effects

- For parties anywhere the speaker is waterproof

- Sony Music Centre app lets you control the speaker from your smartphone

For loud parties

The compact size belies the power of the Sony SRS-XB31 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker's bass. With EXTRA BASS, the sound is boosted to get the party going. Spread the festival vibe where everyone can hear it, not just the guys stood right in front of the speaker.

Add your own sounds to the music while it's playing. Tapping the speaker in different places produces different sounds – scratch, snare, kick, cowbell – so you can party to your own beat.

For long parties

Don't stop the music. The battery will last up to 24 hours, and if your smartphone starts running low you can charge it straight off the speaker. The speaker cones are reinforced, extending their life without losing sound quality.

For bright parties

Add to the party vibe with lights lining the Sony SRS XB31. Whether you need to get the party going or slow things down, the lights can do effects from flashing strobes to a soft glow – whatever you need to match the mood.

For parties anywhere

Wherever your party goes, the SRSXB31 can go. Bring it to a pool party without worry, as the waterproofing will survive complete submersion. It's dust- and rustproof too, so it can survive a beach party even if the tide catches it.

Sony Music Centre app

Control the XB31 directly from your smartphone. Select your playlist, or cue up songs individually, while also controlling the lighting, all without leaving the dancefloor. When the whole gang arrives and you spread into multiple rooms, you can Party Chain several speakers together to play the same music everywhere.