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Black SONY XB41

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Top features:

- Big sound with an impressive bass

- The ultimate party tool with flashing lights and party chain

- Fiestable app moves all of the controls to your phone

- Pool party proof speaker is water- and rust-proof

Big sound

Nothing ruins a powerful EDM track like a speaker that can't handle the bass. The small size of the Sony SRS-XB41 Portable Bluetooth Speaker hides great power, as the speaker cones are reinforced to cope with extra bass. Able to withstand the punishment of your mightiest tracks, the sound quality will be maintained no matter how intense your party playlist gets.

You can bring the festival to your garden with Live Sound mode. The sound will spread to cover the area, creating that concert feeling.

The ultimate party tool

It's not a party without party lights. Lining the edge of the Sony SRS-XB41, the lights pulse in time to the beat.

The SRS XB41 is also a unique instrument. While your music is playing, tap it in different places to layer sounds on top of the beat – with scratches, snares, kicks, and cowbells, you get to be your own DJ.

Create a wall of sound with the Party Chain. You can sync up to 100 of these speakers with Bluetooth so that you can feel the bass wash over you.

Fiestable app

Load up the Fiestable app and you'll have complete control of the speaker – decide what's playing, what the lights are doing, and add in the DJ sound effects all from your phone.

Pool party proof

That's right, the Sony SRSXB41 Speaker is waterproof, so don't worry about it getting splashed. It's also dust- and rust proof – perfect for a beach party, as you can rinse the sand off when it's time to move on. No matter where the party goes, the music goes with you.