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Minor II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Black MARSHALL Minor II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Top features:

- Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX offers crystal clear wire-free streaming

- Listen all day with 12 hour battery life

- Manage music and adjust volume with multi-directional control knob

Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX

Listen to your music on the go without the hassle of cables, with the Marshall Minor II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. With Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm aptX technology, you're able to listen to the albums you love at a higher bitrate. That means you'll hear the subtle percussive elements that are often lost when playing music wirelessly.

They're great for watching movies and shows, too. AptX minimises syncing issues between your earphones and smartphone, so the dialogue always remains in perfect sync.

Listen all day

You'll never need to pause the tunes to charge up your Marshall Minor II Headphones in the middle of the day. A battery life of up to 12 hours means you can stay connected throughout the entire working day, and stay entertained on your journey to and from the office.

If you've forgotten to charge them for the morning commute, don't worry. Just 20 minutes charging will provide two hours of listening time – handy when you're in a rush.

Manage music and adjust volume

Take full control of your music without having to remove your phone from your pocket. The Marshall Minor II Headphones feature an in-line multi-directional control knob that'll let you play, pause, adjust volume, and put your playlist on shuffle.

You won't need to disconnect when there's an incoming call, either. All it takes a few simple clicks to accept or reject incoming calls, making it easy to switch between music and chat.