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Elements SE Portable Hard Drive

2TB Black WD Elements - 2TB

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Top features:

- Compatible with games consoles, laptops and PCs

- 2 TB of storage allows you to free up space on your internal hard drive

- Protect your data and the files that matter most

Compatible with games consoles

The WD Elements SE Portable Hard Drive can be used to back up your laptop as well as your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, so you never need to worry about deleting or saving over your important data or games.

2 TB of storage

When the internal hard drive on your laptop is reaching capacity, it may become slow and sluggish. With 2 TB of storage, the WD Portable Hard Drive can hold up to 250,000 photos or songs, meaning you can free up space on your laptop and improve its performance.

Protect your data

With a durable, shock tolerant exterior, the Elements SE Hard Drive offers long term reliability to help protect the files that matter to you.