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Slim Combo 9.7" iPad Case & Keyboard

Black LOGITECH Slim Combo 9.7" iPad Case & Keyboard

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Top features:

- Four versatile modes offer comfort when browsing

- Backlit Bluetooth keyboard makes it easier to type work

- Durable design adds ruggedness to your iPad, ideal for travelling

Four versatile modes

From drawing detailed sketches to responding emails, enjoy consistent comfort when using your iPad with the Logitech Slim Combo 9.7" iPad Case & Keyboard.

The case features a kickstand that gives four handy modes for all kinds of activity. Click the keyboard into the upright position to type with ease in the laptop-like Type Mode. Remove the keyboard and use the stand to binge watch that box set in View Mode. Studio Mode lets you sketch and take notes like a pen and paper, while Book Mode is perfect for getting stuck into that gripping novel.

Backlit Bluetooth keyboard

Tablets add so much convenience to our lives, but typing on a screen just doesn't feel as satisfying as a keyboard. The Logitech Slim Combo keyboard makes your iPad feel just like a laptop, for effortless typing when there's a urgent work to do or a letter to send.

Pairing is simple – once you're connected, the keyboard will automatically reconnect when you put your iPad into Type Mode. You can still use it when it's detached, for an authentic feeling desktop experience. And with adjustable backlit keys, you can still remain productive even in the small hours.

Durable design

Never worry about small bumps and scratches again. The Logitech 9.7" iPad Case & Keyboard encases your iPad for all-round protection against the hazards of daily use. It's easy to clean, so spills aren't an issue, while its durable material makes it a must-have for travelling and working on the go.