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Vivosmart 3 HR - Small/Medium

Purple GARMIN Vivosmart 3 HR - Small/Medium

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Top features:

- Track your movement and get a better idea of your fitness

- Smart notifications with a touchscreen display that lets you control your music

- Personalised goals let you set targets to work towards

- Connect online and track your progress over time

Track your movement

Get a better idea of your fitness and enhance your activity levels with the Garmin Vivosmart 3 HR.

Comfortable enough to wear all day with a lengthy five day battery life, the Vivosmart is able to track a huge amount of data, so you have a complete overview of your movement.

Track everything from your steps and floors climbed to calories burned and your heart rate without doing a thing.

Using Move IQ technology the Vivosmart HR can detect when you're walking, swimming, cycling or even on the elliptical.

And because the band also tracks your rest periods and sleep, you will end up with a complete picture of your day.

Smart notifications The Vivosmart 3 HR band can automatically sync with a compatible phone or tablet to keep you informed of your activity, as well as to send notifications about emails, texts, calls and social media.

The touchscreen display on the Vivosmart even gives you the ability to control music on your phone – perfect for workouts.

Personalised goals

The Garmin Vivosmart HR gives you targets to work towards, with personalisation available so you can manually set goals to challenge yourself.

Offering reminders throughout the day, the Vivosmart has a move bar that will alert you after an hour of inactivity. Simply walk around for a few minutes to reset the timer, and get in a few extra steps each time.

Connect online

Track your progress over time, connect with friends and compete in online challenges with the Garmin Connect Mobile App or Garmin Connect online.