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Kors Grayson Smartwatch

Michael Kors Kors Grayson Smartwatch

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Michael Kors' Grayson Smartwatch combines the best of modern style and cutting edge technology.
The large stainless steel bracelet and a fully round-shaped case create a definitive impression on the wrist and the touch-screen dial can be customised with a simple swipe to the left or right to give it your own unique style with plenty more faces available from the Play Store.
Paired with your iPhone (iOS 9.0+) or Android (4.3+) smartphone, you can receive notifications for email, text and benefit from built-in fitness tracking. Voice activation from Google Assistant allows you to organise your day without ever having to take out your smartphone. The bracelet can be detached via its push-release mechanism and replaced with other customised straps. Upgrading your style and organising your day has never been easier.