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Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Kid's activity tracker - BB-8, Stretchy Band

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Kid's activity tracker - BB-8, Stretchy Band

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Top features:
- Durable, water resistant and strong
- A new adventure every day to help your child reach their activity goals
- Parents can monitor their child's sleep and activity data from their mobile
- Assign chores, set timers and even reward your child through the app
Durable and strong
Make exercise an adventure for your child with the Garmin vivofit jr. 2 Kid's Activity Tracker.
Featuring a customisable colour screen and comfortable, stretchy, interchangeable band, your child can wear this to school, to bed, and even during bath time. With a user-replaceable battery that will run for over a year, there is no need to recharge.
A new adventure everyday
Thanks to the app, your child can unfold a new adventure every day, motivating them to reach their daily 60-minute activity goals and inspiring them to keep moving.
Monitor your child's sleep and activity
Download the free mobile app to your Android or iOS device to get instant access to your child's data and manage the vivofit jr. 2 remotely. You can even add profiles to monitor multiple children, or invite the whole family to participate in a daily step challenge.
Assign chores and give rewards
Assign chores remotely and your child's band will tell them their new jobs to complete. You can set these to recur daily or weekly and alert your child if they need reminding. When they have finished you can reward them with in-app coins which they can redeem for rewards agreed upon by you.
For the child who procrastinates, you can set alerts for a wide range of tasks such as finishing homework, brushing their teeth, and more. With a simple click of a button on your app their band will remind them what you would like them to do and they can set a timer to see how long they have left.