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Vivofit Jr 2 Kid's activity tracker - Star Wars, Adjustable Band

GARMIN Vivofit Jr 2 Kid's activity tracker - Star Wars, Adjustable Band

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Top features:
- Stylish and durable design so your child can rock it anywhere
- Parental app to add profiles and view your child's daily activity
- Set reminders and chores so your kids can keep on top of responsibilities
- Sync with friends to do timed step challenges and have fun
Stylish and durable design
The Garmin vivofit jr. 2 Kid's Activity Tracker has a stylish and strong design that can also be used whilst swimming. Ideal in case your kids forget to take it off or want to continue their exercise into water sports.
Parental app
With the parental app, you can track your kid's activity like their steps, sleep, and daily activities all syncing to your mobile device. You can invite your whole family to complete a daily step challenge and see who hits them first.
Set reminders and chores
To help remind your kids of tasks to do around the house, you can set chores so they get notifications on what to do and can be rewarded with a virtual coin value for their efforts. These reminders can be scheduled to recur weekly or even daily so your child never forgets. Remind them to finish their homework, brush their teeth, and more.
Sync with friends
Your children can also sync their vivofit jr. 2 with friends in the playground or back garden. The Toe to Toe step challenges lets kids sync with nearby friends to challenge one another. Once complete, they'll see their total number of steps during that challenge and find out if they have triumphed over their friends or beat their own personal best. All controlled from the Garmin vivofit jr. 2.