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Sport FTW4021 Smartwatch - Blue, 43 mm

Blue FOSSIL Sport FTW4021 Smartwatch - Blue, 43 mm

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Keep fit

Set goals and measure your progress with the Fossil Sport FTW4021 Smartwatch. Whether you're running cross-country or rowing at your local gym, the heart rate monitor kicks in automatically to give you instant info. So, you always know how close you are to hitting your targets.

With built-in GPS and Google Fit pre-installed, the Fossil Sport adapts to your workout routine. It tracks the distance you've travelled, steps taken and much more. And because it's waterproof, you can even time lengths in the pool.

Smartphone connection

Sync the Fossil Sport FTW4021 to your smartphone with Bluetooth to receive notifications for texts, calls, emails, and apps straight to your wrist. With a simple “OK Google”, you can ask about the weather, set a reminder, get directions, and much more. While travelling, it'll automatically update to match whatever time zone you find yourself in, so you're always on time.

Downloadable apps

Download all your favourite apps directly to your Fossil Sport FTW4021 Smartwatch. This really opens up what the Fossil Sport can do - control your music, find somewhere to eat, or just play a game.

And you won't need to reach for your wallet to pay for that morning latte. Just wave your smartwatch over the card machine, and Google Pay will make the payment just like a contactless card.

Built in storage

No need to take your phone on your workout when you want to hear your motivational playlist. The Fossil Sport FTW4021 features 4 GB internal storage, plenty of room to store your favourite songs, albums, mixes and podcasts.